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All Star Cheer

All Star cheerleading is when teams compete against each other at competitions. These routine consist of jumping, stunting, tumbling, and dancing. 

We have competitive teams for anyone 8 years or older!


Divisions by Age

  • U12 Level 1 & 2: Born between 2011-2016

  • U16 Levels 1-2: Born between 2007-2012

  • U18 Level 3: Born between 2005-2010

  • Open Levels 3.0 & 5: Born in 2008 or earlier

How Do I Make A Team?

  • Register for placements in the Summer

  • Attend the Placement slot for your age group

  • Wait to receive your placement announcement

  • Attend the first practice and fill out our registration forms!

If you missed placements, please reach out to us to conduct a private assessment.

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